Friday, 2 March 2012

The Start of Telecommunication

Hello there readers! First and foremost, personally, I have one thought towards anything that is related to computers, networking and anything similar with it. But, what ever the thought of mine may be, with this one subject I am taking which is Telecommunication and Networking, I put high hopes on it so that it would change my perceptions towards a better one. 

Let's begin with something far more interesting than just a thought of mine. Here we go! ^^


Basically, we would actually want to find out what telecommunication is all about. Of course it holds its own terms and definition but by looking at its long spelling and all, it seems like such a difficult vocabulary. 
JJANG! Surprise..surprise! it's not as complicated as I expected it would turn out to be. Well, let me lead you readers to a simple equation of telecommunication.

Tele = far off
Communication = To convey or exchange thoughts between two parties where it has meanings to it.


Telecommunication is defined as the interaction between two parties which are the sender and the receiver in order to deliver messages from a far away distance. 

This is the first topic that we learned in this lecture and this is what I understood during the lesson. Why don't we go deeper in this topic so that you readers could actually get a clearer visual of this. ^^ 
From what I comprehended throughout the lesson, in the means of telecommunication, there should be a presence of a channel where it holds the role of the medium to assist the process of communication. Other than that, there is usually a device or two that acts as the transmitter that also contributes to a success in a communication. However, as the telecommunication works out, at times there would also be an interference known as the noise source and it could appear in distinctive patterns. These are the examples of medium or devices that take part in the process of telecommunication:

The most popular of today's technology


Let's move on to the next part, shall we? >.< 

Have you ever wondered what are the important elements of computer and communication. Are you readers thinking what I am thinking? May be yes, may be know. Apparently, computer and communication are closely related as it somehow shares the same elements which consists of six things. 


People: Professionals & End users

Examples of software

Giving long elaborations would make you bored, right? So I'll just highlight and summarize the important facts regarding this. For the readers information, people are the major and the most crucial elements amongst the others as it builds, analysis as well as develop the whole system. As we all know, people are the ones that operates the computer and also the process of communication. Generally, there are two categories of people which are professionals and also end users. The other elements are also important as each and every one of them definitely contributes a large sum to the path of the usage of computer and communication. 


Sure you readers will have different expressions reading this! haha ^^
Save the best at the end and let me introduce you to my lecturer for this subject. Her beautiful and unique name is Dr. Dayang Hjh Tiawa Awang Hj. Hamid. I love her class, seriously, and i wish that I would eventually love the subject too. The way she teaches catches the heart of the students, I suppose, with her cute acts and great way of teaching and I bet all my other classmates agree with me. So far, I have not encountered any problems yet and hopefully it continues to be that way as the day goes by. With this assignment to create our own blog, it actually helps to increase our knowledge and skills in different things.With that, this is all for my post. 

Enjoy reading my lovely readers! <3

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